6 Steps to Successfully Join Pinterest Group Boards & Send Your Blog Traffic Skyrocketing

Magic! I instantly began to join Pinterest group boards and my blog traffic grew with these simple steps. The free guide helped me stay organized and increased my group board invitations.

Does everyone keep telling you to join Pinterest group boards to grow your blog traffic? But, are you finding it extremely difficult to even find group boards to join (particularly ones accepting contributors), let alone figure out how to join them? It’s totally frustrating seeking out and attempting to join group boards in the Pinterest world especially as a blogging newbie. These 6 steps will show you how to successfully join groups and instantly help grow your blog traffic.

After blogging on Huffington Post for many years with almost zero traffic and then setting up my own personal blog with only around 700 visitors a month, I ultimately discovered the transformative power of Pinterest. Since joining Pinterest 3 months ago, my monthly readership has gone up to over 31,500 page views. (Want to know all the tools I used to do grow my blog traffic to over 25K in a single month? Read here.)

And, while a lot of that traffic has come from awesome group boards I have had the great fortune to discover and be accepted to join as a contributor, that journey has been quite a struggle.

Not only was it extremely difficult to discover group boards in my niche, added to that was the fact that, right as I joined Pinterest, their algorithm changed, sending everyone into a panic as traffic seemed to decline. That meant, despite every blogging-for-beginners tutorial touting the awesome power behind group boards for growing blog traffic, the Pinterest group boards I could find were hesitant to accept new contributors.

Complete group board frustration, right?

Well, now, I belong to over 35 Pinterest group boards and my traffic is growing each month as are my Pinterest followers. I’m not some super duper big blogger – I’m still really, really small. But, I’m growing and Pinterest group boards are a big part of how.

If you are struggling to join Pinterest group boards, try my step-by-step approach to finding and joining Pinterest group boards that will help to send your blog traffic skyrocketing. (I’ve even created a free guide to organize the process for you! Click here.)Magic! I instantly began to join Pinterest group boards and my blog traffic grew with these simple steps. The free guide helped me stay organized and increased my group board invitations.

6 Steps to Finding & Joining Pinterest Group Boards

#1. Identify the top and not-so-top bloggers in your niche. While it is important to know, follow, and watch the strategies of the top bloggers in your niche, the chances of you joining a group board they have either created or been invited to contribute to are, well, small. Not impossible, but small in the beginning.

So, create a list of all bloggers in your niche, identifying each by top, middle and relatively new. To find these bloggers, just google. Try select keywords like: “Your niche” + “Blogs” or “Bloggers” or “Personal Blogs.” Also try throwing in words like “top” or “new.” Do not worry if your starting list is small, it is going to grow with this approach!

For each blogger on your list, go through the next steps.

#2. Follow their blog links to find and follow them on Pinterest. That was easy, right?

#3. Comb through their Pinterest boards. Look for any relevant group boards you might want to join. Group boards are denoted by the 2 people in the right hand corner of the board.

#4. Identify the group board creator. When you click on that group board, the very first contributor listed in the top left hand corner of the board is the group board creator. Follow the group board and also the board’s creator.

#5. Request an invitation to be a contributor. You have 2 possible ways to ask to be a contributor to this board. The first is simply that the board description itself may tell you how to join – for instance, by emailing the creator at a specific email address or commenting on a pin by the creator.

If there are no instructions on how to become a contributor in the group board description, the second approach is to reach out the the group board creator directly. You can either find your way to the group board creator’s blog, locate the contact information and send an email, or comment on a pin posted by the individual.

If you are emailing the group board creator, be sure to include:

  • a nice note and a true connection to the group board creator (you are after all going to be collaborating together!),
  • your Pinterest email,
  • a link to your Pinterest page,
  • and a link to your blog.

If you are commenting on the group board creator’s pin, be sure to

  • tag the contributor in your comment,
  • leave your Pinterest email,
  • provide a link to your blog.

So your comment might be something like this, “{a thoughtful comment on the pin}. @groupboardcreator {i.e., this is how you tag the the board creator}, I would love to be considered as a contributor to this board! My email is thekaragorski@gmail.com and I blog at http://karagorski.com. Thank you for putting this board together!”

#6. Take your group board hunt viral. Here’s the truly beautiful part of seeking out Pinterest group board invitations because your approach will become truly viral. So far, you have found a group board that the niche influencer you are following contributes to, but it is likely created by someone else. Bingo!

Write down that person’s name and their Pinterest URL because you are going to come back to it.

Finish going through your initial blogger list, identifying group boards and their creators, and then following up with a request to contribute. Once you are all the way through this first list, you will have created a new list of bloggers whose group boards you can look through – the creators of the group boards to which you just requested invitations.

Start with your new list and go through these steps again. At the end, you will have another new list! Repeat until you feel the power of Pinterest group boards growing your blog traffic.

Download my free simple step-by-step guide to organize this strategy to find and join Pinterest group boards!

P.S. I have 2 bonus tips for getting your Pinterest board groups working to grow your blog traffic!

#1. Skip Pingroupie. A lot of resources tell you to use Pingroupie to find group boards to join. Don’t. Perhaps this worked in the olden days before Pinterest changed its algorithm, but not these days. Pingroupie is great to help you know the size of the board and number of reins, but that’s about it. I wouldn’t waste your time.

#2. Embrace Boardbooster. Boardbooster is the essential time saving, traffic growing tool you need to help you grow your blog. Once you are on a Pinterest Group Board, load that into your BoardBooster schedule and the software will instantly tell you the repin rate of that board. Boardbooster will also help you pin to your group boards effortlessly all the time. If you don’t know how to set up BoardBooster, watch these simple tutorials by Rosemarie Groner. Sign up for your free BoardBooster account by clicking here.





  1. Thanks Kara! Pin groupie has been discouraging for me too! I wish Pinterest made it easier to request to be a contributor (like a simple button). Great article and thanks again.

  2. Thanks for making the effort to write this, its a ton of work and I appreciate it.I will dive into this post and hopefully it will increase my pinterest.

  3. Kara, thanks for such a comprehensive Pinterest guide. Pinterest is definitely my fav social media platform…actually rather addicting! Thanks for the great suggestions.

  4. I can’t say how much group boards served my blog well! It’s where half my blog traffic comes from- great post. After getting booted from so many darn boards for crazy rules- I decided to start my own blogger board. 40K pins later she’s taking off lol If anyone wants to join here’s my link (I don’t rule it with an iron first either LOL)
    Promote, pin have fun- Pinterest is nothing but awesome!

  5. It’s so true – everyone knows you’re supposed to join group boards, but finding good ones and getting them to even respond to your email is another matter. So frustrating! Thanks for the tips. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Hi Julie! Hope they are helpful! Thanks for popping by!

  6. Thanks for these excellent tips, Kara! Just went and followed all your social media channels – you are an inspiration!

    1. Hi Paula! You are welcome! Thanks so much for visiting me here. Loving your blog! Xo

  7. Thanks for the tips, this is something I’m trying to do at the moment.

    Seems most group board owners don’t show their contact info or how to join. I’ve been messaging them directly through Pinterest. Is there a reason you don’t mention or do this in the article?


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