Tuesday, May 21

10 Qualities Of A Sexually Confident Woman

When you see a sexually confident woman, you know it. That’s because she has a radiance about her and a magnetic energy that others are drawn to. She has a strong sense of her body, her sexuality and her feminine power and knows that this is fundamental to her success in life, work and her relationships.

Women want to be her and men want to have her.


She shines bright like a supernova

A sexually confident woman doesn’t dim her light just so that everyone will like her. Instead, she shines brightly so that everyone can see her.

She’s not afraid of being the center of attention. She’s confident in who she is and what she has to offer to the world.

She’s comfortable in her own skin and knows that being authentic to her true self is the only way to be.

What you see is what you get. She makes no apologies for it.

What you can learn from her…

When you shine brightly, you give other women permission to do the same.
“Be the lighthouse. In your light, others will become illuminated.” ~ Gabriel Bernstein

She embraces her femininity

A sexually confident woman doesn’t think that being a woman makes her less than. Instead, she sees her femininity as a gift.

She has no desire to be like a man, only to be desired by them.

Her femininity is not threatened by his masculinity. Rather, her femininity is enhanced by it.

She loves and appreciates men. Needing men is not a weakness to her. She understands their need to be needed.

She’s capable of taking care of herself, but also willing to let a man provide and take care of her.

What you can learn from her…

It’s exhausting trying to be something that you’re not. Be your feminine self, it’s easier.

She takes responsibility for her own sexual pleasure

A sexually confident woman doesn’t make men responsible for her pleasure and satisfaction. That’s because she knows that her sexuality begins with her.

It’s only through knowing her own body that she discovers what she wants and needs.

She knows that pleasure comes from within and that she can experience it whenever she wants.

And when a man wants to please her, she’s not afraid to ask for what she wants and then be open to receiving it.

What you can learn from her…

Self-pleasuring is the secret to fully knowing yourself. Learn so that you know what to ask for.

She enjoys sex

A sexually confident woman doesn’t feel ashamed for wanting and enjoying sex. She owns her desire.

And she enjoys sex because she’s learned how to find pleasure in it. She sees sex as a place to renew, replenish and recharge her batteries.

Sex for her is a combination of love and lust, intimacy and passion, and most of all, total bliss.

She has no problem talking about sex or talking dirty, for that matter. She is fluent in the language of sex.

What you can learn from her…

She knows the importance of sex in her life and makes her marriage and her sex life a priority.

She indulges in pleasure

A sexually confident woman doesn’t feel guilty about indulging in pleasure.

She knows the importance of it. In fact, it’s not just important to her, it’s a necessity.

Pleasure makes her life more enjoyable and makes her more enjoyable to be around.

She doesn’t worry about pleasing everyone. Instead, she makes sure to please herself. Of course, she wants to please others, but not at her own expense.

She has daily pleasure rituals to support her body, mind and spirit. Whether it’s going for a relaxing float, sleeping in, reading a book, enjoying a wonderful meal or spending time with friends, she makes time for things that make her feel good.

What you can learn from her…

Pleasure is the key to your happiness. Commit to a daily practice of it.

She embraces her age

A sexually confident woman doesn’t worry about her age. Age is just a number and she feels younger than she is.

She knows that her sexuality is ageless. She also knows that with each stage in her life, she can experience a different aspect of her sexuality.

And that with each sexual experience, she uses it to expand her sensuality and learn more about herself.

She understands that her body is a sacred vessel. She not only loves her body but takes good care of it.

“Sexuality and femininity is an accumulation of age and wisdom and comfort in your own skin.” ~ Reese Witherspoon

What you can learn from her…

Age does not define you. You define you. You are only as old as you feel.

She sees her capacity to love and be emotional as a strength

A sexually confident woman knows that being open to love and receptive to sex is not being weak. Her strength lies in her vulnerability.

She knows that when she opens her heart, a man can open his. It’s in this place of vulnerability that trust and intimacy are established.

And when she teaches her man how to make love like a woman, he learns that sex can be more intimate, open and connected.

What you can learn from her…

If you’re seeking more intimacy, you need to show him the way.

She’s passionate about everything she does

A sexually confident woman doesn’t just sit on the sidelines watching her life pass her by.

The world is her oyster. She knows what she wants and how to go about getting it.

With a consistent effort to step out of her comfort zone and try something new, she says “yes” to life.

She has a great desire to learn and improve her life. For her, it’s the process of learning, rather than the outcome, that excites her.

What you can learn from her…

Life without passion is boring. Find something to be passionate about.

She’s playful and fun to be around

A sexually confident woman knows that playfulness is an important characteristic of a happy and joyful marriage.

Sex is meant to be pleasurable and fun… and she makes sure to have both.

She loves to play and to be played with.

Her definition of a gentleman is one who will open the door for her… and then smack her bum.

What you can learn from her…

Life isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. Lighten up and enjoy it.

She enjoys her own company

A sexually confident woman doesn’t fear being alone with herself. In fact, she thrives on it.

That’s because she loves herself and understands the importance of her ME time.

She understands that self-love and self-care enable her to fill her own cup. This way she has an abundance to give.

She also knows that to contribute to a relationship, she must first be happy with herself.

What you can learn from her…

Practice your independence and do things on your own.