Wednesday, June 19

7 Things To Consider When Choosing Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are a kind of female intimate trainer. You have probably heard about the balls of Ben-w, the Kegel exercises, thanks to which the muscles of the female vagina become manageable. Yoni eggs – another woman’s assistant in the workout of intimate muscles. Moreover, this simulator is not an invention of modernity when the Chinese imperial court concubine with the help of training with Yoni eggs remained skilled mistresses, even after repeated childbirth. Also techniques for training intimate muscles, including using Yoni eggs, were used by priestesses, geishas, ??the mere mention of which was associated at all times with the masters of the highest class in the work of love joys. In this artcle you will get a clear idea about which gemstone yoni egg is best, like this one:

True, before the eggs were made not only from Yoni. Often they were made of precious wood. Regardless of the material of manufacture, the eggs were certainly smooth and small in size. Thanks to regular training with eggs, women gave incredible pleasure to their men during intimacy, preserved their feminine health and gave birth to healthy heirs. It is believed that the study of Yoni eggs came to the West thanks to the master of the Taoist school Mantak Chia.


Training the muscles of the pelvic floor is called vumbilding. This concept is deciphered by the first letters of the B-vaginal; Y-driven; M muscles. Building – as you know, translated from English as construction, development.

By and large, the intimate muscles of any woman need to be strengthened, but first of all, vumbilding is indicated for urinary incontinence, hemorrhoids, air entering the vagina during tilting or sexual intimacy and water for bathing, which is fraught with infection. Indeed, as a result of regular workouts with Yoni eggs, the intimate muscles of a woman become elastic, blood circulation in them improves, which means that the pelvic floor tissues receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Vumbilding classes have a huge impact on women’s health. First, Yoni itself is a healing stone. And secondly, physical exercise of the vaginal muscles with the help of exercises with Yoni eggs contributes to the prevention and treatment of congestion in the vagina, ovaries, pelvic organs. As a result, thanks to Vumbilding, it is absolutely possible to get rid of painful menstruation, erosion, fibroids, myocysts, polycystic disease, microflora disorders, mastopathy, breast tightening. Helping to stabilize the psycho-emotional state of a woman, Vumbilding helps to avoid pre-and postmenstrual syndrome. And due to the influence on the recovery of the hormonal system of a woman, exercises with Yoni eggs naturally help to solve problems with excess weight.

Add vumbilding and paints in an intimate life.

As a result of training with Yoni eggs, the volume of the vagina is reduced, which can not help but like the sexual partner of a woman practicing vumbilding. But training the vaginal muscles will bring sexual pleasure not only to the partner, but also to the woman herself, because the sensitivity of the erogenous zones increases as a result of exercising, the orgasm becomes brighter, and the sexual experiences themselves are more subtle and saturated.

Future mothers with Yoni eggs will teach you to understand and control your body more, which in the end will be very useful in attempts. Also, in a woman who trains intimate muscles, the abs and diaphragm are also strengthened. As a result, childbirths of women practicing vumbilding are less painful, and after the baby is born, the vaginal tissue and the pelvic day recover faster.

And, finally, returning to the topic raised at the beginning of the article, exercises with Yoni eggs will slow down the appearance of age-related changes and aging. With the help of intimate muscle training, a woman accumulates energy, thanks to which menopause and menopause do not occur and even the childbearing function is preserved. But it is the stage of menopause that has a huge negative impact on the appearance of a woman and her health. By practicing vumbing, you prolong your youth. It is rumored that even a fairly adult woman who trains intimate muscles will be given expressive, lively eyes and smoothed youthful skin. To the delight of the ladies who are already going through menopause. After all, the aging process is reversible!

So, no more doubts. Yoni eggs to be your intimate simulator! But do not rush to immediately begin to exercise after buying a set of Yoni eggs. To begin with, they will have to be cleaned and acquainted with them, so that they become only yours.


To clean the Yoni eggs for a day to put them in saline solution (in proportion one tablespoon of salt per cup of water). Then, without touching this solution with your hands and without removing the eggs, place for 20 minutes under running water. Let all the information that has accumulated on the Yoni on the way to you, along with the washed out solution, goes to the sewer drain. Finally, boil the eggs for a few minutes to disinfect. After they cool down, light a candle, and take turns each of the eggs by the thread circle three times in a clockwise direction over the flame:

Now you can begin to get acquainted with them. To do this, take all three eggs by the threads and, gently swaying them, push them together. Then take each egg in turn, say hello to it joyfully, hold the string to your ear and ask what its name is. The name will be that the first comes to mind. Remember their names and then mentally contact your Yoni simulators by name.

After such a ceremony, you can be sure that the Yoni testicles have completely cleared; now they are only yours and will bring you a lot of useful things. But let’s finally start training.

  1. Let’s start with the simplest: choose the smallest egg and in the supine position with your knees bent, insert it into the vagina. Try to squeeze it with intimate muscles.
  2. The next step will be pulling the egg out of the string with the simultaneous resistance of the vaginal muscles.
  3. A very fun exercise – pulling the egg inside. The fact that you are doing everything correctly, you will be prompted by the fishing line swallowed by the vagina, which gradually disappears into you. At first glance, the exercise seems to be “aerobatics”, but in fact you yourself will be surprised at how well you will get it.
  4. Also, almost from the first time you will get “shooting” with an egg. To do this, insert the egg close to the entrance and attempt to “spit” it out. As you get the hang of doing this, insert an egg deeper, first you will try to push it through the vagina with an attempt, and then “spit it out”.
  5. But the really difficult exercise “am.” It is the opposite of “shooting.” To do this, you only need to insert the egg in half, and then swallow it with the labia. At the initial stage, it will be easier to master this exercise in the pose of “birch trees” with the legs resting on the wall. To get it right, first relax the intimate muscles, and then strain. Do not be upset if the “swallow” egg will not work at all. Help yourself with a hand, push it a little inside.

You can perform the described exercises in a variety of postures: lying, sitting, standing. Change the size of the eggs, hang loads to them. As a cargo, you can use a bottle with water weighing from 250g to 1.5 kg. The optimal weight should be comfortable for you, but at the same time, you should feel it. Exercises with weights consist in walking, squatting with them, raising the legs, pulling the egg inward. Also with Yoni eggs can be dealt with passively. Such training is that you simply carry the egg inside the vagina throughout the day.