Wednesday, June 19

Crazy Sex Toys That You Can Use in Public

Using a sex toy in public is something few people have the confidence to do. It might be an LGBTQ issue but the thought of climaxing in a public area and having to keep quiet is too much for some people but, for others, like me, it’s a thrill-seeking experience that I urge everyone to try at least once. Not just for reaching orgasm, some people use sex-related items in public to prevent orgasm, like using cock cage to respond booty calls, if you don’t want to have orgasm. Constantly using cock cage improves semen quality, so be on the good side of kinks. This is the cock cage popular in London.

I wanted to show you my sex toys that I use in public and what each of them does and more importantly, what each of them allows you to achieve. Roaming around the supermarket is no longer a chore if you’re holding in a moan, sitting in a restaurant barely able to contain yourself whilst your partner controls your pleasure that feels out of this world and finally, family dinners just got kinky as hell.


Step into these discreet black lace knickers that are hiding a powerful clitoral vibrator. Wear these naughty knickers out and about and control the intensity of the vibrations via the remote control that can fit snuggly into any pocket or handbag. The vibrators remote works from up to 10 meters away so you can be anywhere from a club to a restaurant and be overcome with waves of intense clitoral pleasure.


“It was such a turn-on stood next to people whilst my clit was getting a deep massage. I had one orgasm stood in the fruit and veg aisle, and then another which made me squirt into my knickers in the freezer section. I had to take the panties off in the car on the way home and gave them to my husband to show him how wet they had made me.”


Pop this little dream maker into your vagina and enjoy the 8 modes of vibration and 12 speeds of intensity. With its whisper quiet vibrations, discreet design and slender enough to be popped straight into without any fuss.

You can even rest this little egg in your underwear and have it rumbling against your clitoris. The remote works from up to 8 meters away and it seriously makes trips to the supermarket a lot more fun. There’s so much fun to be had with this love egg, enjoy it at home whilst your partner controls every ounce of your pleasure, enjoy it when out and about and feel proud of your dirty little secrets and even enjoy it in another country with its discreet and handy storage case.


This is a great toy for foreplay, steamy shower sex, and getting in the mood for more. It’s easy to tease and be playful with it because the remote allows you to do this. We went away for a weekend and my wife wore it when we were out for the evening, and just being able to turn it on when I wanted and watch her squirm with pleasure and excitement was arousing enough. The best thing about this toy, apart from the pleasure it provides, is the excitement it gives to a relationship.”


Lube this bad boy up and slide it in before venturing out for the day. The rippling sensations that will run through your whole body will send you into total ecstasy. A Tapered tip that hits the most important anal zone and a smooth silicone outer design to ease you into anal play as comfortably as possible.

This butt tingler is ideal for either sex, experience first-time P-spot orgasms or experiments with anal play for her. Wear it out anywhere, wear it around the house and just enjoy it in the bedroom along with the exciting and powerful sensations it provides.


This ‘butt tingler‘ was initially bought for my girlfriend – but after a kinky turn of events I’ve become its main owner, and let me tell you all… the word “tingler” is not accurate… This toy is much more than that! An amazing session of sex, leading into using this toy for the first time, made this my favourite toy to date – it’s compact, versatile, and just the right size for a beginner! “


This clitoral vibrator was nominated the ‘Best Vibrator’ by good housekeeping magazine and it really is great. With its tapered tip and crazy vibrations, it’s a toy you need to be careful with or you will find yourself climaxing within seconds. Easily slide this vibrator into your underwear and set the vibrations on low for continuous stimulation wherever you are.

It’s USB rechargeable (YESSSS) and even comes with a travel lock so that you can take it with you anywhere and know it’s in safe and discreet hands. Make sure to try it with water-based lube to really enhance the pleasure.

The luxury vibrator is also totally waterproof so if you’re feeling adventurous at the beach, you could take it to a secluded area with you!


“Having never had an orgasm during solo sex (and rarely partaking in solo sex), I thought it was time to explore this area of my sexuality. I have not been disappointed. This delightful vibrator has resulted in my first ever solo orgasm and now I can’t get enough..”


Probably one of the most discreet public sex toys out there, this remote controlled vibrator is the future of orgasms. Pop the vibrator into your underwear and control the intensity, patterns, and speeds all via your easy to use remote. The amazing sensations emit throughout your vagina, focusing on your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. You could unlock the power of combined orgasms all whilst waiting in the fruit and veg aisle.


This toy was amazing and very pleasurable! I had it in my vagina when I went out and I handed control over and was not disappointed whatsoever! Endless pleasure thank god for wearing panties that night! I would highly recommend if you want that added spice in your life! Made me very wet and the best device so far!”


This kegel toner set designed by sexpert Tracey Cox is made to enhance pleasure during orgasms, give you more intense orgasms and strengthen the muscles in your vagina.

They also do roam around inside your vagina so they do offer pleasure as you walk around and go about your day. However, their ultimate aim is to make sex and orgasms and lot more powerful. The more you squeeze the balls inside your vagina, the more of a vaginal workout you will be getting and the tighter and toned your kegel muscles will become.


“Great item, would buy again! Great for toning the vagina, very pleasurable. I even used them when I and my partner went shopping! We went home and made love as toning balls heightened the pleasure. Both parties were happy!”


Inspired by the wonderfully sexy passages from the fifty shades of grey books, this vibrating love egg with 2 speeds and 5 patterns sends waves of flickers and pulsations around the nerve endings inside of your vagina, including your G-spot. Experience G-spot orgasms when out and about or even just when your partner is in another room, as the remote control works from up to 10 meters away.

Unleash your inner Mr Grey and Anastasia by taking this bad boy out into public, nobody needs to know but you two.


“For a man, this has to be one of the greatest inventions ever. So much fun to use. Holding that remote in my hand is like holding the strings of a puppet. I can make her smile, squirm, bite her lips, anytime I want! Great to use on date nights. Or going out to dinner”. 


Wear this gorgeous butterfly beneath your underwear and flutter about your day without a worry in the world. The butterfly features 10 amazing modes. The wings are designed to send shivers around your labia, the body of the butterfly to stimulate your entire vagina and there are even special ridges built in that pinpoint your clitoris and send you into orgasm overload, in the passenger seat of your car or even whilst sitting discreetly on the beach.


“It looks like a huge butterfly, with the tip of it sitting on your clitoris, while the wings are alongside your lady wings. It’s controlled via a small handheld wired remote, and the whole thing vibrates and moves like mad! Instant orgasm! And I almost gave up on getting them too!

Each move you make will make it feel different. I mean, I moved forward to get more comfortable and stopped halfway. The most amazing feeling. I couldn’t go any further for I suddenly had an even more amazing vibration and immense pleasure going on, sending me crazy! It gets you in all the right places and has it all going on at once”.


With twelve vibration speeds and patterns, this vibrating butt plug will never get boring. Control the vibrations from your very own phone from anywhere in the world and even enjoy custom and tailored sessions time and time again.

If you don’t want to use your phone there’s a remote control that works from up to 15 meters away so take it for a spin in public and have your partner control your orgasms. Thrilling, sensational and easy to use, this vibrating butt plug has incredible reviews from both men and women.


“I’ve never had anything quite like it and it’s hard to not sell it short with just how good it is. This is definitely going to be the go-to anal toy of mine for the foreseeable future, and that’s just for solo usage. I’m sure this toy becomes, even more, mind-blowingly fun with a partner to control it for you, mix it in with a small amount of public usage or BDSM play and you have what may well be one of if not the most optimal butt plugs on the market”


Designed to fit discreetly and snuggly beneath your clothes this whisper quiet panty vibrator is perfect for those looking to get more thrills from their weekly supermarket shop. Mr. Hook delivers to you discreet dual stimulation with its perfect nodules and nubs that stimulate your clitoris and G-spot simultaneously.

There are 10 vibration speeds and patterns that are easily accessed via the easy to use button, you can even leave this sex toy ‘in’ during penetration thanks to its great shape and ergonomic design. The strap is completely adjustable and will fit most body shapes, not just that but this sex toy is really discreet under clothes so no matter where you end up or where you are in the world, you can guarantee yourself discreet tantric orgasms.


The soft, hook-like shape was very easy to manoeuver, almost like a joystick, either with or without the strap. I usually use it without the strap, but have tried the product with the strap with a partner. She found it to be quite comfortable around her hips. Soft material. Easy to adjust. Fits just about anyone.

It was also one of the longest playtimes I’ve ever experience with a vibrating toy. I couldn’t believe how long this little guy lasted.”