Wednesday, June 19

Sex Tips for Women

Want to change things up? Have great sex day in, day out? Well, it may be easier than you think if you follow these 25 sex tips for women. Yes, often people think the success of their sex life relies just on natural chemistry but, although this is certainly important, you can learn tips and tricks to take it to the next level. And, if you feel you simple aren’t getting enough sex (and you are not alone by the way), these tips could be exactly what you need to take things up a gear.

Love Yourself
Got a few body anxieties? So does everybody else – including your man. But when the two of you are in the buff, that’s the last thing on his mind, guaranteed. Don’t try to hide your flaws, just enjoy!

Tongue Tied
During a deep kiss, try sucking gently on his tongue. Many people find it makes their kisses even more intense, and you’ll be stimulating muscles further down than his mouth (although you might not want to think about that while you’re in action!) If he enjoys it he’ll return the favour.

Out Loud
When he’s making you the focus of attention, be vocal – a bit of encouragement is a sure-fire way to get exactly the attention you want, and deserve!

Over To You
Set two nights aside for the two of you to play with power. On the first, whatever he says, goes – where you go, what you both wear and what you do together. On the second, he’s yours to command. Encourage him to let his fantasies run wild but remind him that you’ll be in control the following night…

Play In the Dark
Shutting down one of his senses will heighten everything he experiences with the other four. You could use a silk scarf to blindfold him, but just covering his eyes and ears with your hands when you’re in bed together will make every brush of your skin on his feel super-intense. Then have him blindfold you.

Rise And Shine
Testosterone levels are highest first thing in the morning. (You may have noticed.) Take advantage!

Roll The Dice
Both of you should write a list, numbered one to six, of places you want to be kissed (no, we don’t mean the bus stop). Take turns at rolling a pair of dice and place your lips where chance takes you…

The Great Outdoors
A secluded beach near your holiday villa, behind the big tree in the local park… There is a frisky al fresco spot to suit every taste. Find one that does it for both of you and get your shoes on!

Try New Things
Take the time to try new things: positions, locations, techniques and toys. And have a couple of goes before you decide whether or not they’ll be part of your repertoire; the first time you try something new can often be a little odd or awkward but you might find, once you’ve cracked it, that you’ve found a new favorite.

Forgotten Places
He has nipples too, and they’re just as sensitive as yours…so give them some attention. While you’re at it, spend some time on his other neglected erogenous spots too: his neck and ears are good places to start.

Are You Trying To Seduce Me?
Who doesn’t love to be seduced? Make it even more fun and pounce on your man when he least expects it (we mean when he’s dozily watching Masterchef, rather than when you’re having tea with his Mum and she nips to the loo). He’ll love it and you’ll stand to benefit.

Play Time
When it comes to sex toys and treats like chocolate body paint, there is a whole world of options, it’s just a question of shopping around to see what takes your fancy. Use them to add a new facet to your sex life, like exploring your G-spot. Or, if foreplay is normally short and sweet, slow it down with chocolate body paint.

Safe And Sexy
It’s not the easiest (or sexiest) topic of conversation, but taking precautions is a vital part of good sex. If you’re using condoms, make sure you’ve got one close enough to grab at the key moment and avoid any awkwardness.

Show and Tell
If he isn’t doing things to your liking, you’ve got to let him know how to turn you on. And do it soon: the longer you wait, the trickier it will be. Be direct without hurting his feelings: instead of telling him what you don’t like, draw his attention to the bits he’s doing right (“I love it when you…”). And the next time things get steamy, guide his hands to show him exactly what you want.

Undress For Success
Your man may want nothing more than to see you naked, but make undressing into an event and he won’t mind the delay. Take your time slipping your bra straps off and sliding out of your undies and reap the rewards.

Afternoon Treats
Who doesn’t like a little distraction during a slow afternoon at work? And if it’s a saucy photo or a cheeky message describing exactly what you’d like to do that evening, your man will be all the more grateful. This works especially well with new partners – just make sure he’s not the type to forward anything to his mates first…

Call The Shots
How to say it delicately? On top works for most girls, and there are tons of variations you can try. You’ll have a great time and he’ll still feel like the centre of attention.

Come Up For Air
Women tend to hold their breath as they orgasm, but deep breaths send more oxygen rushing around your body, making sensitive areas even more aroused.

Dirty But Clean
Stand-up sex in the shower is a great way to start, or end, the day…just be careful not to slip! (On another soap-related note: cleansing products can damage condoms, so leave getting clean until after you’ve got dirty.)

Enjoy Your Underwear
Show him your best new underwear – but on the hanger. Wear it the next time you’re out with him, dressed up. And when you’re somewhere public, looking great, whisper to him what you’re wearing underneath. Watch his reaction and delay going home as long as you both can stand.

Future Tense
Great sex is all about anticipation: keep the tension high by varying the pace. When things are getting hot, come on strong…then hold back a little. Switching between full-on passion and gentle caresses will drive you both wild.

Happy Talk
Talking dirty can be great if you’re into it, but a lot of people find it pretty awkward. If you’re a bit shy, start with the simple stuff: the odd “more” or should give him a kick. Or why not be playful about it? When you’re sitting watching TV, ask if you can give him a kiss. When he says yes, go for it, then ask whether he’d mind if you moved down to his neck, and so on…

Happy Talk Some More
If talking during sex isn’t your thing, talk after it. When he does something that blows your mind, compliment him afterwards. He’s twice as likely to do it again. Or tell him what you fantasise about. It’s a very intimate way of building trust. And if you’re lucky your dreams might just come true.

Alone Time
The more comfortable you are with your body, the better a time you’ll have. If you feel like getting, um, hands-on while the two of you are getting it on, do it. Believe us, he’s not going to mind!