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What Are The Best Sex Toys Alternative To Try

Generally, men who want to spice up their daily life are not against the idea of using butt plugs. However, instead of acquiring a classic product from, it may be interesting to be innovative and use home Made Sex Toys.

A little DIY in Do It yourself mode

We know that everyone’s pleasure is important, but men sometimes have some difficulties to satisfy Madame. Many couples decide to head to a sexshop to find the rare pearl that can help you reach seventh heaven.

It is necessary to specify that a woman likes to feel unique, so it is interesting to start making a small gift that should quickly fill his heart and his expectations. As a result, the sextoy can now join the concept of Do It Yourself. It has grown considerably in recent years especially DIY.

Less complex construction than assembling a Lego


Signs have therefore thought of your desires by offering you a very specific vibrator since it finally comes as a box of Lego. After successfully assembling the Special Forces ship of the First Order of Star Wars, you will have no difficulty to follow the instructions of this manufacture.

The latter will be punctuated by different shapes, textures and colors . Other criteria can be customized namely temperature, rotation and vibration. This custom made toy is built by you. What a great gift for Christmas or the next Valentine’s Day!

A sex toy connected to your smartphone

Technology has also invested in this sector to increase the pleasure of madam while taking into account your personal taste. Indeed, men have a significant attraction for the high-tech world. They are numerous to scrutinize in the smallest detail the performance of smartphones that land in the trade especially when they have the capabilities to communicate with connected objects such as connected watches. The manufacturers of sex toys – we think in particular Lovense – have used this attraction to design new vibrators that have the distinction of being connected to an application.

Your toy made by your own hands can be driven with your mobile. You will control the pleasure of your partner from A to Z. You will even have the opportunity to vary the pace and intensity with ease. So, ready to give a new dimension to your pleasure?


Preferably buy a fast-drying silicone. Open the cartridge with a cutter all the way. And let it dry for a short week.


When the silicone is completely dry, you can start creating the shape with a sharp knife or knife.


You can then vary the textures and shapes to give birth to an object that pleases you.


You will finally let dry your sextoy several days so that it dries well in depth. A cleaning will finally be necessary.


In order not to have any allergy problem with the silicone, it is recommended to use the sextoy with a condom. When manufacturing, be sure to check before use that the silicone has hardened properly (this may take several weeks).

Even if the accessories designed specifically to feast your desires for BDSM sex are numerous and just waiting to fill you, it is true that sometimes we do not want to use what we have on hand. A feeling of freedom, the happiness of spontaneity, the impression of transgressing, a touch of authenticity to the improvised galipots

But before you seize any object of your house in an inconsiderate erotic impulse, please first take into account the few recommendations below so that your pleasure does not skid. The idea remains to make his home an improvised BDSM dungeon, not a room of torture.

On the bathroom side

The sex in the shower exists since the invention of the shower and it is a subtle pleasure that we salute, but we can go even further to make the bathroom a much more perverse place.

Grab the cotton belt of your bathrobe and make it a blinding headband for an even more mysterious shower. Or tie your hands to a hose or shower curtain rod (if it’s solid) to make it toy subject to your whims.

Once the partner is bandaged and tied up, use all hair accessories as a real BDSM tool kit: the brush and its thick hair against the skin on one side, or the smooth and hard of another for a spanking support. The painful caresses comb, the bars as nipple clamp (to try first to ensure that they are not too powerful)

If cravings for oral sex interfere in you, a menthol mouthwash will add a touch of freshness … Otherwise; apply a little directly on the sensitive erogenous zones of the body before a blow of hair dryer for even more of sensations!And if you’re in a lenient mood that day, use creams and other moisturizing milks to massage the victim’s body.

Wandering in the kitchen

The kitchen is a real cave of Ali Baba for who knows where to look. Even if the rolling pin is the first object that comes to mind, moderate your ardor because the object can be painful. On the other hand, you can whip your half with all kinds of wooden spoons, spatulas.

The advantage resides mainly in the wide variety of materials offered from metal to plastic or wood. If you are afraid that the object is too hard and too painful, wrap it in a cloth that will soften the blows!

The kitchen will also allow you an interesting bondage session with the plastic film surrounding the body mummy way but not too tight to let the skin breathe and to prevent the pressure blocking the blood circulation. And if you do not like waste, an apron will do the trick with its belts and its possible makeover in a straitjacket. Keep scissors near you when needed, if one of your knots had been too enthusiastic.

The food and ice will allow you to play endless games, with intense cold-heat , sensual sandwiches, sublime licks and you can even make yourself an ice cube dildo (in advance) by filling a water condom before putting it in the freezer! This is the type of DIY dildo popular in online dating because the said dildo is addictive like Heroin.

Some basic rules


Naughty creativity is very good. But we must know how to limit his explorations to not play with his safety.

If your trusty sex toy has been designed for your well-being and the sake of your intimate health, this is not the case for everyday objects for various uses. Plastics and other materials found throughout our home are not made to explore your privacy. In addition to the approximate softness, the chemicals present could disrupt your internal balance.

Candles are the perfect example of the everyday object that is to be excluded for sexual use. The melted wax is too hot, you must use only candles massage or other types of candles provided for this purpose.

On the other hand, if we have suggested the use of bathrobe belts or kitchen aprons as ties to tie you up, do not jump into the triple knot that cannot be undone and choose your materials. For example, if it can be tempting to use a tights or tie, their knots can be extremely difficult to undo. Use these objects instead as banners!

Improvisation vs preparation

The house is the sexual ground par excellence. And it’s always a fun challenge to go copulate merrily in every room or try a few BDSM sessions whenever it’s okay. But if you do not like improvisation in the domain and that you are a perfectionist of eroticism, always in search of the best materials for its intimate experiences, we can only advise you to equip each room of your house of the cream of the cream of accessories BDSM.